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Reach Your Farm's Potential

We understand the effort and resources it takes to grow a crop from start to finish. That's why we provide precision agricultural services to increase quality and yields for our growers, while saving time and resources. 


CG Ag is a leader in providing precision agricultural services and farming input goods to all Montana growers striving to succeed as a business and feed the world. 

Grower Services & Agronomy Products

Soil Health Management 
Scouting and Agronomy  Services
Technology ​

Fall:  Soil Sampling is well underway.  Inquire about how soil testing can improve your crop performance.


Scouting is done for this season.  Most common crop injury was due to residual herbicide carryover. 

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Timeless Seeds of Ulm was highlighted in Successful Farming.  Click below to read the article!

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