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Services and Technology

One size does not fit all.  We customize our services to fit your operation.​
Soil Health

Soil Health Managment 

Soil Health Managment 

Soil Health Managment 

Full Service Soil Testing
Analysis of up to 14 macro and micronutrients, pH, cation exchange capacity, soluble salts, and more are available.

Fertilizer Recommendations
Quick turnaround, complete with a booklet of your soil analysis results and our Certified Crop Adviser’s unbiased and professional recommendations sent to your farm, or as PDF reports sent to your email.  Purchase your fertilizer wherever you like.

Zone Mapping
With ProfitZ variable rate technology, we can look at numerous years of satellite imagery of your farm.  Adding zone mapping to your management plan can help deliver record yields, higher protein, less variability, and increased fertilizer use efficiency. Read more about ProfitZ technology at the bottom of this page in the Precision Technology section.


Expert CCA Advice
Our Certified Crop Advisers have been in this business for over 20 years.  Our scouting team is trained with in-field training,  and maintains relevant knowledge with research trials.  We attend hundreds of hours of cropping seminars annually.

call or email us!

 For more details and pricing.  

Scouting Services

Skilled Scouts
Our agronomists and crop scouts have experience identifying area and state weeds, diseases, insects, and pests.  

crop knowledge

Putting in a crop that's new to you? We can help with every decision along the way until you're comfortable.    


Flexible Service

Hire us to scout your field weekly, twice-monthly, or hourly. We can scout alongside you or on our own if you're short on time.  Choose what fits your schedule and budget.


Timely Reporting

Receive a thorough scouting report after each visit.  


Our Certified Crop Advisers will provide appropriate chemical recommendations.  

farm freedom

You can purchase your crop care products from any company you like-no requirement or pressure to buy from us.


Precision Tech

crop care products

  • Herbicides/Pesticides/Fungicides

  • Nutrient Packages

  • Soil Amendments

  • Humic Acid 

  • Surfactants/Water Conditioners

  • Inoculants

  • Seed Treat

  • Call for Pricing and Availability 


We are utilizing drone technology to increase our scouting abilities.  Added to boots on the ground scouting, drone use allows us to make better field decisions when the crop is too tall to drive or walk distances in.

Precision Technology 

Variable Rate
Fertilizer Application

CG Ag uses a state-of-the-art software program called ProfitZ to create variable rate prescriptions. Take care of the soil,


your farm’s foundation, to gain uniformity in your field’s quality production. Have us combine your harvest data with satellite imagery to break your field into manageable zones.  Smartly apply fertilizer and seed to save resources and money!  


What is the ProfitZ Revolution?

This remarkable software has changed the way farms manage crop inputs by using remote sensing of crop vegetation and yield monitor data to seamlessly define a field’s variability.  Our Certified Crop Advisers use the zones developed by this variability to create a soil sampling plan for each field.  Then, ProfitZ builds variable rate prescriptions for fertilizer and seed application to help growers apply inputs where they are needed the most. 

What is yield variability?

Yield variability describes the different yields within a field that make up its average.  Soil texture, organic matter levels, crop history, and other factors contribute to variability throughout fields.   

How does a satellite know my field variability more than me? Can I use my yield monitor maps in ProfitZ?

ProfitZ utilizes satellite imagery to express variability.  Bring your yield data to a ProfitZ Professional to incorporate yield data into ProfitZ.  Go over each field’s imagery with the ProfitZ Professional to ensure it is a true fit of the field’s variability. 

What if my field isn’t that variable?

The ProfitZ system allows you to analyze each field for variability and input costs savings BEFORE YOU BUY.  This insures the grower the ability to define fields with limited benefits before purchase. 


How do I apply ProfitZ Application Prescriptions?

There are numerous ways to do this.  Many custom applicators, most late model farm equipment, and almost all new equipment are capable of applying these sophisticated variable rate prescriptions. 

I’m not a large-scale farmer, how can I afford this?

All farms can benefit from ProfitZ.  The fertilizer or seed cost savings will often cover the cost of using ProfitZ.  Precision Partners and the ProfitZ Professionals know the importance of supporting and maintaining family farms.  Precision Partners founded this technology to further advance precision agriculture production in America, promote sustainability, and save grower’s resources.    

Variable Rate Fertilizer Application
Veris Technologies

CG AG uses a Veris Technology soil sensor to evaluate the variability of soil texture by measuring the soil's electrical conductivity (EC).  This sensor maps the horizontal and vertical variability of your fields by sending an electrical current between the sensor’s disks.   The sensor maps CE at two depths, 6 inches, and 24 inches.  

We can use EC maps of your farm to help create even more accurate zones of your fields.  Veris Technology allows for maximum seeding rate efficiency and when combined with ProfitZ, provides the best variability information for nutrient management.  Ask us about using a Veris Machine on your farm!

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